Ideal Services

Partner with us for a completely customizable, yet seamless experience. Our services allow you to focus on what matters for your brand and leave the rest to us.

In-House Production

Quality custom-made

We have a full production facility and staff in-house. All custom apparel is customized on site and shipped directly out to the customer, which means a shorter time from checkout to delivery.


In screen printing, an ink-soaked mesh screen is used to print a design onto products. They offer an extensive range of colors and work well on dark fabrics as well.


Embroidery involves stitching a needle and thread into fabric with the aim of enhancing durability, permanence, and resistance to damage.

Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment is the process of easy printing onto polyester products. DTG captures images very accurately getting all the color combinations in your designs. 

Graphic Design

Work with our Graphic Designers and you can develop a design that is right for your company. There are no hidden fees when working with our designers to get what design you want. 


More than a gift basket

Show your employees or clients how much you appreciate them by sending specially made corporate kits. You decide which items to include and we’ll take care of the rest.


Streamline the process

You focus on your business and we’ll focus on your shipments. Our warehouse handles inventory management, picking, packing and shipping with ease.