Helping companies get branded. (9)
Helping companies get branded. (10)

Why an Advanced Store?

Advanced Stores include everything that is in a Basic Store and all of the features below. Add 1 or all of the features below. We can design stores to match your company brand and custom code out more features you might be needing.

Manage Your Brand

With virtual logo capabilities, shoppers will be able to choose their logo and see how it will look on the product. Building a brand is hard, let us help you protect what you have built. Create guidelines and options to products

Account balances & Gift Certificates

Issue gift certificates to registered employees or customers to spend with the store. Amounts can keep building for 

Product Personalization

Design business cards, brochures, envelopes and more. Product Personalization also allows for name, numbers, additional logos and more!

Shipping Integrations

We can offer real time rates for different carriers, shipping methods, and custom rates. Already have a company store built? Connect into our shipping module and inventory. We will handle inventory and fulfillment. 

Manager Order Approvals

The Manager Order Approval System requires a manager to approved or deny an order before the goes into our system. Approvals are sent via email or can be approved via admin portal.


Display all products with customizable point value instead of dollar currency for reward and/or incentive programs.


Setting up a Budget is used for increased spending controls and will place a limit or cap on spending for users or groups.

Micro Stores

Micro Store Technology is a custom configuration which allows you to have multiple stores under one “main” store.

Feature Highlights

  • Turnkey branded storefront
  • Responsive mobile friendly designs
  • Custom Categories
  • Handpicked products
  • Logo Management & Product Personlization
  • Intutitive shopping cart & Checkout

How can you use a company store?

  • Franchise supply center
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Uniform Programs
  • Safety Programs
  • Holiday Gifting
  • New and Existing Employees
  • Sales and Marketing Support

Advanced Online Store

Advanced online stores provide your company to branded stores with the features that meet your needs. Company stores protect your brand